A different kind of private social club  
Modernist offers a “Modern Cheers” experience
Co-created by a community of fun, respectful, & accomplished individuals.

Bringing wonderful people together

We help bring amazing people together for thoughtful discussions & fun, unique experiences with inventive cocktails & bites.

A glimpse of our award-winning cocktail program: A5 Sazerac, A5 wagyu fat-washed Japanese whisky with reduced Cabernet Sauvignon & a drop of truffle oil.

Meeting Space and Social Club 

We also provide a more intimate meeting & entertainment space for our members & guests, with our team of hospitality vets working to help create a warm & memorable experience for all.

Curation of community

Interested in joining our Modernist community? Please fill out the form below to find out more information about membership & to schedule a chat. (Current waitlist is 1-3 months, please contact an existing member to help expedite review process)