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Modernist Muse

Saturday Nights at the Modernist.

Let us be your Muse, to Inspire You, Spark some Creativity, Loosen your Mind, Reduce Stress, and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend before Thanksgiving Festivities begin!
The Events for your weekend. Starting off Mellow, then gradually escalating as the night gets later!

From 5-7pm:
Members Game Night (Board Games, Cards, Karaoke, 
Trying to having a relaxing weekend without turning up?
Join us for games, cards, karaoke all before 7pm, but after 7pm...

From 7-9pm: Pregame

Start your Saturday Night with us and see where the night goes... 
Specialty Craft Cocktail Word of the Week: SEX
3 different drinks, 3 different bartenders made with "the Cocktail Word" 
Their definition of the word, reinterpreted into a Cocktail.
Come join us to see what SEX tastes like...

From 9-1am: DJ Set / AirPlay
Live Dj Set
Possibly use of Airplay (Members/Guests get to choose what everyone listens to!!!)