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Whisky Business - Japan's Whisky Game is Strong...

Private Invitation Event for Founders, C-Level and Venture Community
Every Tuesday Evening @ Modernist Private Social Club
6pm - 10pm
Modernist Member Hosts:

PKO Member Hosts:
Patrick Lee, Founder Rotten Tomatoes / Hobo Labs
Holly Liu, Founder of Kabam
Bob Ippolito, Founder Mochi Media
Dan Huddle, Founder Xanga

Featured Members:

Moshen Chan
Founder of Radiantlabs, developer of weather apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with millions of active users and frequent top ten in App Store sales charts. Prior to Radiantlabs, Moshen was VP of Engineering at Mochi Media where he helped grow the world’s largest browser-based games network before its acquisition by Shanda Games. He has been involved in mobile development for over 15 years, having independently shipped apps since the PalmPilot and Danger Sidekick phones. He has active advisory and angel investments in startups in USA and China. A technologist and maker at heart, he can be found hacking on DIY drones, 3D printers and amateur rockets. Moshen started his career with technical roles at Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Cobalt Networks and Wolfram Research.

Alex Mehr (co-founder zoosk)
From traveling to Turkey on foot -> working as an aerospace scientist -> founding one of the largest, highest grossing dating sites/apps in the world (with >$600 million in revenue), Alex is one of our semi-finalists for ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ (you’ll get the references in “ “ ☺) Alex…lives dangerously & on the edge - loves riding motorcycles
“When he goes to Spain, he chases the bulls”
loves breaking things, an outdoorsman perhaps?
“Bear hugs are what he gives bears”
absorbs all literary works, and quite the artist in different ways
“In museums, he is allowed to touch the art“
loves testing business ideas cheaply, with rapid fire iteration
“If opportunity knocks, and he’s not at home, opportunity waits“

Alex grew up in Iran, where his dream was to someday start a successful company in the US with his friend Shayan. To obtain a US visa, Alex crossed into Turkey on foot (w/no air travel between Iran & Turkey), and then came to the states (Maryland) to complete both his Masters & PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
Despite being told by lawyers, friends, & more to find a ‘corporate job’ & that he wouldn’t be able to stay in the US as an entrepreneur, he still pursued his dream.
He battled through the many legal challenges/roadblocks & through a bit of luck was able to finally obtain the necessary govt approval/papers.
After being recruited to work as an Aerospace Scientist at NASA, Alex asked his good buddy Shayan to join him in SF to fulfill their dream. During B-School at CAL, Alex & Shayan co-founded the dating site/app Zoosk (another idea was a wireless cat feeder, glad they choose zoosk!)
Alex is now an investor, startup advisor, connector… and perhaps delving back into the entrepreneurial world again? Find him and chat about books, startups, rapid testing/breaking things, dating apps, motorcycles, his journey into Turkey… or more quotes from “the Most Interesting Man in the World” ☺ “Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut.”

Featured Japanese Whisky Tasting of TWO No-Age Statements produced by Nikka
(Yoichi & Miyagikyo)

Little something something about the Yoichi No-Age Statement, It just Won Best Whisky From Whisky Advocate.

Yoichi Single Malt, 45%

"For the optimists out there, rejoice! U.S. liquor stores are stocking a greater variety of Japanese whiskies produced by a greater number of distillers than for many years. For the pessimists out there, disaster! We still get to grumble about the profusion of whiskies with young or no age statements to our hearts’ content, carp on about steep prices charged by producers relatively new to making whisky, and wallow in our reminiscences about tasting legendary Japanese whiskies. But wait; the global whisky community’s longing for quality Japanese whisky is not an entirely unrequited desire. The latter half of this decade may prove to be leaner years for Japanese whisky drinkers compared to the decade before, but the situation has provided a stimulus to spirits producers across Japan. New distilleries are being erected, and whiskies are being released by companies better known as brewers or sake and shōchū makers. Meanwhile, the major companies are trying to balance demand, expectations, quality, and creativity. Blenders love the freedom to work on a characterful whisky from their inventory, unencumbered by a minimum age. 

Nikka Whisky's Yoichi Single Malt is a new expression and a rare breed as the only surviving Yoichi in the U.S. market. This year’s award recipient typifies the classic maritime and peaty elements of the Hokkaido distillery. A compelling nose of black earthy peat, smoldering fires, a turned-out pocket of briny seashells, whole lime, lemon twist, sugared orange, ground ginger, and licorice. Silky smooth on the tongue, with light, fruity sweetness developing into tangy Spangles, kiwi, and lime juice. The smoky peat is the weft woven through the fruit structure’s warp. Menthol, peat, and leather go the distance. This Japanese whisky is delicious, elegant, and affordable; perfectly pitched for cogitative drinking by those loyal to the Japanese single malt scene.—Jonny McCormick" ----- Whisky Advocate

On the other hand we have the Miyagikyo No-Age Statement, which we believe is "Like a Sexy Macallan"
Going back to Yoichi, we would call it an "Ardbeg with a Suit"

Try em' both see if you agree with us!

Complimentary Tasting from 6-9pm or whenever the bottle is Finished! 

(only 1 bottle per Whisky Business, So get it try it while it lasts!!!)


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