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Whisky Business - Nikka Coffey Malt vs Hibiki Harmony Tasting



Meticulously crafted at the Miyagikyo Distillery, Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky is a single malt made with 100% malted barley. Once the grains arrive at the distillery, they are milled and mashed before being distilled through copper-pot stills (sometimes called “Coffey” stills) that were imported from Scotland in 1963. As a result of their age and shape, the stills produce a whisky that is more flavorful and complex than modern column stills. Following distillation, the whisky is matured in traditional oak casks.

Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky has an aroma of cinnamon, lemon and butterscotch, which gives way to an intoxicating palate filled with clove, coconut, orange marmalade and oak. The finish is soft, with hints of mint, grapefruit zest and potpourri.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky is crafted from a blend of more than 12 unique grain and malt whiskies produced at Sutnory’s Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita distilleries. The blend, which was developed by master blender Shingo Torii and chief blender Shinji Fukuyo, is composed of five key styles — Chita grain whiskey, which serves as the “broth,” malt whiskies aged in American oak casks, sherry casks and Mizunara (Japanese Oak) casks, and finally a smoky malt whisky which adds hidden complexity to the blend.

“Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky is a blend that reflects the expert craftsmanship and delicate nature of the Japanese, and it is at once pure and complex,” says Suntory. “There is a transparency of taste that allows this whisky to reveal all of its complexities simultaneously.”

As a result of the expert blending, Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky has a slightly floral aroma with additional notes of apricot, orange blossom, marmalade and clove. The palate is dry, with plenty of raisins, honey, pear and cinnamon, and leads to a long, complex finish complete with malt chocolate, oak, pepper, candied apples and a slight hint of smoke.

Complimentary Member Tasting from 6pm - 8pm