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Whisky Business ~ Modernist Whisky Club

The Beginning of all New Things is Magical, Exciting, Fresh, Unknown.

Something all of us enjoy is something new. Well here's something new for you! Since we at Modernist are such huge fans of Darker Spirits, we have a special member hosted event by:

'Allen Lu'

We will be hosting Lu Whisky Club, a celebration of the balance, beauty, and history behind whisky. Starting with the cornerstone of world renowned Japanese whisky:

The Yamazaki Distillery, the oldest and most famous Japanese distillery.

Yamazaki 12
This masterpiece started the craze. The first of Japanese whiskies to win global recognition. There's always an origin story.

Yamazaki 18
Digging deeper into Japanese artistry, the 18 year draws into deeper richer and sensual flavors. 

Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014
This is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in liquid form. The youngest aged barrel in this bottle is 20 years.


Tasting & Education on Yamazaki... 'The Japanese Whisky Powerhouse'

Tastings are Limited with 15 Seats Available... Get in while you can!

Tastings will be set at $70 per person.
Retail Value: $140

1 oz pours of each
Since we are pouring such gorgeous Japanese Whiskies we will be charging per tasting



Earlier Event: May 7
Later Event: May 12
Courtney Cohan Birthday Party!!