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Whisky Business - Complimentary Bourbon & Rye Tasting

The Blind Taste. This Week for Modernist Whisky Business we are featuring a blind taste between a Bourbon and a Rye. Do you really know which you favor out of the two?? Come taste and see which one you prefer!

Tasting 1 bourbon and 1 rye. 

Going back to our roots and enjoying the Crafted Liquor's we all started off with before jumping into the big leagues with Higher End Liquors. We've all tasted them before, let's get a refresher course and look at taste VS price tag :D

So make Whisky Business part of your Tuesday Ritual & Lets make some Memories Together!

Complimentary Tasting from 6-8pm (after 8pm is $10 per Tasting)
Members may bring up to 4 Guests