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Whisky Business ~ Glenfiddich in the House

Cheers you Modernists! This Week for Whisky Business we are featuring Glenfiddich and their Experimental Series Spirits to sample.

Starting at 6pm till 8pm
Come Mingle with Lauren, Members, Guests, and get your Network with Whisky Business!

Spotlight on Lauren Magboo

Modernist is pleased to welcome Lauren Magboo as the host for Whisky Business on Tuesday, May 16.  That evening, she will be teaming up with her good friend, Kate Irwin, from William Grant & Sons to feature the newest release of the Glendfiddich IPA and XX - Experimental Project.  

Lauren moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles three years ago after a 14-year career in talent, event and consumer lifestyle PR. Her former clients include Skateboarder/Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek, Jonathan Clay from Jamestown Revival, Hollywood Life events and many more. She most recently helped open SPiN San Francisco, Susan Sarandon's ping pong social club, and we are now celebrating her new position as the Member Liaison & Club Events Director at Wingtip in the Financial District. While working at SPiN, 

Lauren met Kate who introduced her to her new liquor of choice, Glenfiddich (15 Year being her favorite).

A little about the featured pours:

Glenfiddich IPA

"In our first groundbreaking experiment, Malt Master Brian Kinsman has proven that traditional whisky casks can still be seasoned in a pioneering way. Collaborating with a local Speyside craft brewer, Brian created a bold and zesty India Pale Ale beer to imbue our rich oak casks with extra hoppy notes. The experiment resulted in the first single malt Scotch whisky ever finished in craft India Pale Ale casks. 

Our collaborators had a momentous task ahead. First, they had to design and create three separate brews of different strengths – freshly brewed India Pale Ale craft beer that could rest in whisky casks, later to be used to finish the Experimental Series variants.  Back at our Distillery, Brian secretly kept up to nine barrels seasoning at any one time, hidden from view in his warehouse. He varied the time the craft beer spent penetrating deep into the oak casks, before filling the casks back up with whisky to see what new flavours would be revealed.It was a lengthy, experimental process but they finally decided on their favourite: Brew 2. The science of seasoning, beer strength and the time the whisky spent being finished all had a remarkable effect on the final, distinctive flavour.  What began as a quirky idea had quickly turned into an intensive experiment. Not only had Brian pioneered a new malt, but he had created a new craft beer in the process."

Glenfiddich XX

Our second experiment of the series took place privately at our Conval warehouse. Shrouded in secrecy, malt Master Brian Kinsman invited 20 whisky experts from around the world to select any expression of their choosing from the thousands of stacked casks. The final 20 chosen malts, matured in everything from port pipes to virgin bourbon barrels, have created an unusual, innovative and unexpected whisky, one that has exceeded even our expectations.

"The whisky experts were led to our Conval Warehouse, an impressive building, home to 1000s of traditionally stacked casks. Each expert was given free reign to explore the warehouse and select any cask that intrigued them. It was a long task, but after searching every dark corner, each whisky expert made their final decision.  The final 20 malts represent some of the most astonishing whiskies under our care. From aged malts matured in port pipes to ancient sherry butts and virgin oak bourbon casks, each malt lent a unique personality to the final expression.  Brian married the 20 exceptional malts together, only releasing the final expression once he was completely happy with the liquid. But he was more than happy with the final result: this small batch vatting defied even his expectations."

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