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Longevity Crossroads

A Special Invitation to our Modernist  Community
Sunday / June 25

3:30 - 6:30pm

Join fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders on Sunday June 25th (330pm to 630pm) at Nourse Theater in San Francisco to explore a world at the "Longevity Crossroads:the Future of Business, Health, Business and Society"

The current health industry is helping people live longer and stronger lives without curing aging. The resulting rise of global median age will significantly reshape the human landscape. Meanwhile, an emerging group of scientists are hunting for ways to defer the aging process. We are not adequately prepared for the opportunities and risks of either future.

George Papandreou, the former Prime Minister of Greece, will speak to the global future of a post-aging world. The word Gerontology comes from the Greek word Geron, "Old Man". His father and grandfather were both Prime Ministers of Greece, and his daughter is a scientist in aging research.

Other speakers include:

Liz Blackburn, Nobel Laureate

Pinchas Cohen, Dean, USC Davis School of Gerontology

Laura Carstensen, founder, Stanford Center for Longevity

Participation is free. Friends & family, including children, are welcome.
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