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Whisky Business ft. Oban 14

Finishing off our St. Patrick's Day weekend and we move from Ireland back to Scotland with a classic for all Peaty Scotch Lovers, Oban 14. Known as one of our go-to scotch choices amongst the public drinking community and the industry drinking community, why is it you ask? Because it has held it's ground with all these small craft distilleries popping up left and right, and always seems to be short on supply with their 18 year. Come and join us for a free taste of Scotland along with some education on Oban from our staff!

A combination of rich sweetness with a smoky dryness and appetising spice distinguishes this lovingly-matured Highland malt.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition ~ 2016 Gold Medal Winner

Complimentary Tasting from 6-8pm

Cheers and see you Tuesday!