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Whisky Business ~ Kavalan Classic

It 'May' be the time to join us for some Whisky Business this week!

Starting May off strong with The Kavalan Distillery & their Classic Whisky.

Members & Guests receive a complimentary taste of Kavalan Classic,
as well as a little education behind this Taiwanese Power House Distillery.

Kavalan Classic Notes:
Kavalan Classic Single Malt Whisky exemplifies the sheer quality of whisky currently coming out of Taiwan. The skills of Master Blender Ian Chang work with the humid Taiwanese climate to create whisky that is diverse and complex. Fresh and clean, the spirit is rich with silky smoothness and hints of tropical fruits, mango in particular.

A hint of sweet mango juice with that spicy complexity and gentle warmth on a medium, oily and citrus finish.
- 'Kavalan'