Founded in 2015, Modernist is a Members’ club with a mission to build an amazing life-long community in San Francisco and around the world. 


On regular days, you can unwind, savor cocktails crafted by award-winning mixologist, sip on rare whiskies, and enjoy masterful Japanese dining experience.

Then there are those thought-provoking nights meant to push boundaries and set new frontiers.


Located in the heart of financial district and Embarcadero waterfront, Modernist Clubhouse is a place for members to relax, entertain, and indulge.

Masterful culinary experience

Akiko’s Inside the Modernist

Private Dinner experience presented by Akiko‘s, most recently voted one of the 31 best sushi restaurants in America.

Led by Chef Chris Massad, 2nd place winner in Washoku World Challenge.

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Modernist Venture Club Pitch Night

August 20th, Tuesday | 5:45pm

Support members and hear them pitch their companies. Entrepreneurs will receive live feedbacks from leading angels and VCs, you'll get to ask your own questions, and a chance to invest in their seed round through Modernist Venture Club.

This round of pitch night will feature member:

Parul Gujral's SnowballSmart

Chris Tosswill's Addressable

Anjou Ahlborn Kay's Bamboo Asia Restaurant


GoodPeople Social: Burner Beats, Party, Gear

August 14th, Wednesday | 8pm

With the burn taking place in less than two weeks, join members in the BM community for some delicious beats, tasty treats, amazing stories, thoughtful advice, and even procure some essentials for the playa - from fabulous furs, accessories, jewelry, clothing & more.



Trinchero Wine Tasting

August 15th, Thursday | 5:30pm

Learn about the family's legacy since 1948, and taste their signature Cabernet Sauvignons!


Modernist Book Club: no. 2

Reading: The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Casares
Meeting Date: October 1st, Tuesday | 7pm

Led by Member Ernestine Fu

Artists often respond to one another — sometimes simultaneously, or across an age or a great distance. The great Saint Lucian poet Derek Walcott, who passed away in 2017, wrote Love After Love in response to 16th century English poet and priest George Herbert. Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic inspired Lady Gaga.

Join us in reading this book that Jorge Luis Borges described in its introduction as, “To classify [the book] as perfect is neither an imprecision nor a hyperbole."

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