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Friday Night Competition w/ Food Bites & Board Games

Starting last last week, and going for an indefinite amount of time. 
Board Games on hand: Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Scrabble, Triangul8, Bananagrams, etc... Also BYOG (bring your on game) if you please!

We have Friday night Food Complimentary Bites from 6-8pm!! (Limited Quantities Available)

Board Games / Card Games ALL NIGHT!!!

Starting at 9pm, going till...

We Are hosting a "Heads Up" Competition amongst Modernist's!

Heads up - If you haven't heard is a Game Invented by Ellen Degeneres. Heads up is played off our IPAD, which is very similar to Charades and is tremendous amounts of fun if you have the right team, with the right people. 


1. Team Size ~ Minimum of 3 persons per team, Maximum of 6 person per team
(MAX of 10 Teams total, Reserve your teams spot!
2. No Talking
3. Acting with Body/Hands/Legs/Arms Only!
4. Show up by 9pm
5. Have tons of Fun and Laugh lots!
6. Modernist Standard (Make Memories!)

Reserve Your spot with your Team (right below) 
State your Team name in the Notes box & State how many Players on your Team!


The Winning Team is rewarded a bottle of Sparkling for being Victorious at our First Modernist Competition of games!
(you know you want to be the first to take a W from Modernist!)