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Warriors Whisky Business ~ Japanese Whisky Belgium Press

This Weeks Whisky Business

Warriors Game on the Big Screen + Whisky Business

The work weeks just beginning...
So lets start Tuesday night off right with us @ Modernist!
Come Drink and Socialize with our Members, Guests, Friends & Family. 

We all know how big of an influence Nikka Whisky has made an influence on the Whisky World, but just to step it up another notch, we decided to combine Nikka Coffey Malt with our Belgium Press making...

Siberian Rose & Hibiscus Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky infusion.

The Belgium Press
What's so special about it?

A Few Fun Facts:

1. It is a process that uses full Immersion (Constant state of infusion with the Japanese Whisky, Siberian Rose & Hibiscus.)

2. Vacuum process part of the Press insures that every possible soluble has been extracted (gets all the Flavors possible out of the infusion)

3. Constant level of heat, insures an even distribution and control of the Infusion.


Tasting from 6pm to 8pm