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GoodPeople Social Mixer & Spotlight: Lee Mosbacker & Burak Yavuz

Member Spotlight:

Lee Mosbacker: Founder/CEO of Traycer Diagnostic Systems. Founder/CEO of Fan Fund.


Burak Yavuz: Databricks, a unified analytics platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering, and business. Stanford Masters in Management Science & Engineering.

As with all of our GoodPeople events, please make an effort to meet 2 new people for 10 minutes or so and reconnect with friends. Lots of new friendships, projects & more in store.


Modernist will also be hosting a private reception for the premiere screening of Birth of the Dragon - a new Bruce Lee movie, releasing in theaters Aug 25th. Director George Nolfi (screenwriter: Bourne Ultimatum & Ocean's 12) and lead actor Philip Ng will also be in attendance.