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Master Sake Series with Stuart Morris

How much do you know about Sake? A time-honored intricate craft.

We are pleased to offer our members the opportunity learn in a 4-part series from Sake Master, Stuart Morris, teaching you everything from the basics of how sake is made to rice varietals, water sources & even being able to meet the Tojis themselves.  Every class will be conducted in an interactive, open-forum style allowing guests to expand their own knowledge, taste sakes that are exclusive to only Japan, meet & greet with the Sake Brewers themselves & hopefully help cultivate a deeper appreciation for this elegant humble tradition.

This upcoming Thursday, join us for the first class in the series. Register your seat now.

Class 1: Introduction to Sake.  Basic Styles & How Sake Is Made ($82)

Classes to Follow:

Class 2: Meet Masanobu Shindo-San, Toji (Sake Brewer) for Gassanryu - 9/6 Tuesday

Class 3: Terroir & Sake Temperatures - 10/19 Tuesday 

Class 4: Advanced Styles & Rice Varietals - 11/9 Thursday


6:00pm: Welcome reception begins

Complimentary Snack & Sake Cocktail by Carlo Splendorini

6:30pm: Class begins, ends around 8pm


*More details on registration page.